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Every Thursday from May until the end of September we carry out track sessions at the grass track by the school on Trescobeas Road, 6:45pm sharp.

Why do them?

By regularly running at a higher effort level than is usually comfortable, you will benefit from improved aerobic capacity and better lactate usage as a fuel. This means you will be able to run further for longer and ultimately at a faster pace.

What is involved?

Track sessions are basically repetitions or interval sessions, i.e. sets of hard efforts interspersed with suitable active recovery or rest periods.  

Effort level is generally ‘hard’ which is between 75-95% of maximal effort.  One of the simplest ways of measuring perceived effort is the talk test. Your coaches will explain what effort level is required for each session.

We generally offer three groups:  

Group 1 (suggested for Tuesday groups 1&2)

Group 2 (suggested for Tuesday groups 3, 4a, 4b & poss 4c)

Group 3 (suggested for Tuesday groups 4c, 4d & 5)

If you are in any doubt which group to go into, please check with the session coach.


Warm up 5-10 mins - dynamic exercises to fully prepare you for the session.

Drills 5-10 mins - for good running technique.

Main session 20-30 mins.

Cool down & stretches 5-10 mins - bring heart rate down & return muscles to pre-session length

How to get the most out of track sessions.


1. Don’t turn up if you are injured.  You need to be fully fit for these sessions.  Even if you are on the mend, taking part could have detrimental consequences and put your recovery back.

2. You need to be fresh. Please don't turn up after doing a 'normal' run or other type of cv exercise - you just won’t get the benefit the sessions are designed for. 

3. Be properly fuelled and hydrated. Please ensure you’ve had sufficient to eat and drink throughout the day – otherwise you’re asking for trouble.

4. Turn up in time for the warm-up.  Track sessions are more intense than a Tuesday night club run, and they take place on a grass track which promotes a slightly different response from your muscles to running on the road.  Jogging to the track is NOT a suitable warm-up for these sessions. 

5. Select the correct group for your ability. If you want to take the session a bit easier, consider sitting out a rep or two in your usual group rather than drop down a group. Otherwise you are potentially disrupting the rhythm of the lower group, as you will be finishing well ahead of them and consequently have too much recovery. Please listen to your coaches’ advice about which group to go in.

6. Allow sufficient recovery time after the session. Recovery is an essential part of training, as it is when the adaption to the increased workload occurs.  ‘Going off for a 5-miler to top-up on the distance’ shows complete lack of understanding about what the session is trying to achieve, and good training practices in general.

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