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Race Diary - list of 2023 races in Cornwallfor road and multi-terrain (new races will be added as they are announced).  Other races - some races in Devon and beyond


Race Diary 2024: Preliminary list of local races confirmed for next year

GP Races 2023 - list of races in the 2023 Cornish Grand Prix series. Run 8 of these races to qualify for a trophy.


MTRS Races 2023-4 - list of races for the 2023-24 multi-terrain series. Run 6 of the 2023-4 races to qualify for a trophy.


Purple Gecko -2023 Race Calendar 

Upcoming Races

2nd December Fordh Sen Mighal

3rd December Falmouth Mob Match
9th December Fairy Tale of Newquay

10th December St Piran's Revenge

16th December Siblyback Santa Scamper

Race Help

Introduction to Racing 

Transferring race entries on SI Entries 


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