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As a Club we are committed to the wellbeing and safety of our members and volunteers and this is reflected in our Constitution, the appointment of Club Welfare Officers and the inclusion of a Safeguarding and Welfare section on our Committee Meeting agenda.


All members of our Club have a duty of care to one another, and we all adhere to the EA Codes of Conduct. As an England Athletics affiliated club, we adopt the following policies:

•    England Athletics Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures
•    England Athletics Safeguarding Adults Policy and Guidance Procedures

These policies and the Codes of Conduct for Athletes, Volunteers and Coaches can be found on the England Athletics website.  

Our aim is to create a welcoming and supportive environment in which everyone can enjoy being part of the Club. We want members to know that there is a safe space to talk to us if they have any concerns about their own welfare. We also want to ensure that members feel confident about how to raise any concerns they may have about the welfare of another member.

Please contact the Club's Welfare Officers if you have concerns at the following email address 

If your safeguarding concern is urgent, please contact the police by dialing 999 or 101 or local Social Services.

Advice and support about safeguarding concerns can also be obtained by contacting 

•    Further information on abuse and neglect in relation to children is available from the NSPCC.

•    Ann Craft Trust is a national organisation supplying information and advice about adult safeguarding.

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