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Hot and sweaty Summer Turkey Trot

Hot sunshine greeted runners for the annual Summer Turkey Trot last night, Round 9 and the shortest race in the Cornish Grand Prix Series. Starting from Tricky's on the outskirts of Redruth, the race doesn't win many bonus points for scenery or intrigue, but being entirely road based and only 4 miles in length (1 mile more than the popular park runs), it's ideal for those who like short fast stuff and potentially hell for those that don't. The race starts off fast, a long three quarter of a mile downhill sections lulls runners into a false sense of security, where it's easy to get dragged along too fast, but what goes down must come up, and the first mile is capped with the biggest hill on the route. However once up this one major hill, the rest of the race is fast and fairly flat, around the streets of Redruth, with the best thing to look at being the granite bulk of Carn Brea, looking fine in the evening sunshine. The last mile sees a couple more gentle hills, which feel tough after such a short fast race, including a slightly rough section of path through some roadworks. The race finishes with a final flat sprint lined by cheering crowds. Tough in the heat but really pleased to finish 15th in a grand prix race and beat some big names...Mag 7 up next!

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