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The final leg of the Classic Quarter

The 11-mile final Leg 4 of the Classic Quarter, from Lamorna Cove to Land's End, is arguably one of the most challenging sections, offering plenty of steep ups and downs with steps, some scrambling, and is a bit technical in places. But being the most challenging also makes it the more exciting and enjoyable. On a fine day, the scenic sandy beaches at Porthcurno, Porthgwarra and near Land's End, backed by crumbling granite cliffs and boulders, represent some of the most beautiful in Cornwall. Sadly, the weather yesterday, combined with a high tide, did not display these coves in their best light. However the thick fog, being blown off the sea by a gale force wind and accompanied by episodic drizzle was dramatic in its own right, with both solo runners and stark rock features looming out of the mist. The wind was a particular feature in the more open section towards Land's End, with full exposure to the open Atlantic, initially a cross wind but becoming more of a welcoming tale wind for the final leg to the finish. A great section of the race...maybe an opener to running the whole 44 miles next year?

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