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Godrevy 10K...the 2017 Summer Sessions are go!

The 2017 Freedom Racing Summer Sessions kicked off with the Godrevy 10K last night! A cooling breeze preconditioned a perfect temperature for running, as shafts of sunlight punched through holes in the cloud onto the sea, offering some stunning coastal scenery during the course of the run. With only a slight modification from last year, the route firstly takes runners out on an undulating course through the dunes before turning onto the beach for a long flat section along the sand back to Godrevy, the sight for many epic photographs as a stream of over 200 runners followed the wind-ruffled Freedom marker flags. Soft sand at the beginning and a stiff headwind throughout made this section harder than it could have been, before a final section through a river soaked our feet for a climb up barnacle-encrusted rocks onto the slipway and the coast path. The route then gradually climbs to encircle the headland, offering fine views of Godrevy lighthouse and from coast to coast, before turning inland to loop back round to join the outbound route back to Godrevy. The return leg is very fast and predominantly downhill, a bit of a relief after the earlier climbing, and a great chance to encourage fellow runners. Another fantastic Freedom event!

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