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Newquay 10K...a fast(ish) 10K!

After a few days of rough weather, the morning of the Newquay 10K dawned calm and chilly, with once again ideal running conditions. Not the most exciting race on the calendar, but the route does take runners away from a housing estate on the edge of Newquay into the surrounding hills and countryside, though never with a glimpse of the Atlantic. The start is fast and downhill, tempting runners to start off too fast, before a fairly straight flat section along the main road leads to the base of the main hill. The first and steepest ascent is made on a rough track, before a flatter muddy section, then the longer second part of the climb to the highest point on the route is made back on road. The return leg loops back to the outbound section, allowing faster runs to give encouragement to runners continuing to come up the hill. The only sting in the tail is a gradual climb back up to the finish line, which really isn't needed after the rest of the fast race. The race is topped off with great support on the final gently uphill dash to the finish line! I need to see where I am on a flat 10K now, I feel...

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